Connexus Academic Advisors

Personalized consultations on investment in the children’s future.

Connexus Academic Advisors provide advice and counsel on all stages and forms of education in UK, Europe and America for students from Russia and CIS. Located in London and benefiting from long real-life experience in educational process in Russia, Europe and Great Britain Connexus is  the ultimate partner in creating and navigating the best academic experience for adults and children.

The team of professionals offer school, university and program advising, academic planning (including accommodation and guardianship), support students’ success and assist them with timely progress. The primary mission here is to help the students to achieve their educational and lifelong learning goals and to secure the most important investment in a parent’s life – the future of his/her child.

The academic support at Connexus includes but is not limited to :

  • consultation on entering private kindergardens, schools and universities
  • academic assessment  in London, Moscow and Kiyev according to British and American educational standards
  • development of personal program of training for entering the desired school or university
  • search and providing tutors for individual lessons (preparatory and during the school year)
  • search and providing specialists for pre-entering interview (speech, appearance,  self-confidence, etc.)
  • recommendations on etiquette courses for girls, sports academies for boys,  acting skills for adults and other alike lessons for any age in UK, USA and Europe
  • comprehensive scientific programs for children and adults
  • search of accommodation for children during the holidays (host families, apartments, travel back to parents, etc,)

All clients of Connexus Academic Advisors receive completely individual approach and tailor-made solutions based on their particular needs and ambitions.  Here one never gets any standard “packages” or common approach.