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Andy Dalton set up to move up Halfway using the 2010 season, Dalton was viewed as a solid but producing prospect who needed a lot of work on his footwork and accuracy. And then, Dalton showed much improvement particularly with his accuracy and consistency. Though he was not the best qb at the Senior Bowl and lacks elite physical tools, Dalton (6 2, 213) Is a well developed prospect with good athleticism and a strong arm. Coordinated with his outstanding intangibles he’s extremely smart, Tough and a hard worker he has everything it takes to become a good gamble in the third round. If Dalton tests out well manually at the Combine and his pro day, He could move up draft boards as coaches tend to love quarterbacks with great intangibles and enough physical ability to succeed. Daniel jones, RB, Kansas level Jones(6 1 5/8, 228) Is a big back a new lot of debate in draft rooms. No one denies he was a incredibly productive college player who has shown the strength, Longevity, Competition and skills to be a dominant runner between the tackles. Many in the NFL believe he has all the physical tools to turn into a very good starting big back. But others believe he lacks the speed, Burst and speed to be a dynamic starter. He should really test out well at the Combine and his pro day to allay those concerns and avoid sliding on draft day. While having Nate Solder, Anthony Castonzo and Tyron Smith headlining the course of tackles in the draft, Carimi has slipped under the radar a bit despite receiving a lot of worldwide understanding at Wisconsin. Carimi (6 7, 315) Is super tough tackle who is viewed by some as a good athlete who very a solid NFL pass blocker and merits a late first round or high second round pick. Although, Another faction views Carimi as a stiff player who lacks the athleticism and feet to hang out left tackle, Will struggle to be productive at right tackle and warrants only third or fourth round bill. Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Or State Because of the achievements players like Darren Sproles and Maurice Jones Drew, NFL teams are much more to be able to draft short backs. In return, Rodgers (5 6 3/8, 192) Is getting a lot of attention and there’s a lot of debate over where he should be drafted. Scouts agree they has the explosiveness, Speed, Explosiveness, Run qualifications, Vision/instincts and deceptive strength to be a dangerous weapon if used pratically. In the event he falls apart this spring, We think he’ll go by the end of the second round because teams are desperate for playmakers and Rodgers can be a difference maker whatever his height.

Take advantage of Housler, TE Florida ocean There’s not much hype about this class of tight ends, However Housler(6 5 1/2, 239) Gets a lot of attention after a strong season and a good showing at the Texas vs. The media game. He has amazing quickness and athleticism for such a big, Tall close end. He also displays natural hands plucking the ball away from his body and has consistently shown enabling you to twist and adjust to make tough catches on off target passes. He has the explosiveness, Speed and strength to run through hits and arm tackles to again and again gain yards after contact. With his ability to play the ball face-to-face with him, Gilchrist has the makeup to become good cover 2 corner. Gilchrist (5 10, 193) Is a hostile, Physical player who has solidly shown the willingness to come up and make hard hits on passes in front of him and in run support. Because he is better at running and not as consistent at flipping his hips and turning and running with receivers, A few of teams view him as a better safety prospect. This debate are going to be decided by how well he works out at the Combine and his individual workouts with coaches. Up to now 2010, Mustain was regarded as a QB to watch out for. Some thought he could be the next Matt Cassel especially because he had been such a highly recruited player out of high school and had been shockingly successful starting eight games as a true freshman at Arkansas. However if Mustain(6 2, 200) Did have playing in 2010, He didn’t as well as didn’t look like an NFL prospect. Then when he got struggling off the field recently, It pretty well closed the door on his chances of being selected with a late draft pick. Right, He needs to shine this spring for a shot as a free agent.